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‘I was proud’

At Oaklands, Gary has an allotment that gives him a great sense of accomplishment. ‘I grow daffodils, potatoes, courgettes, lettuce, leeks, cabbages, sunflowers and sweetpeas’, he says. His garden workbook is filled with pictures taken by his friend Miriam, and his own handwritten notes record his gardening milestones and achievements.

Someone else is waiting for a chance

But we know there are many people living close to our communities who feel desperately lonely and undervalued. This is why we are appealing for funds to build up our garden, craft and food preparation workshops across our communities, and welcome more people to join us. The need has never been greater.

‘Every extra place that can be created is needed’

George Thompson feels lucky his daughter Joanne has started coming to Larchfield. ‘Last year, funding stopped for her at a day centre she had been going to for 33 years. The friends she’d made, activities, stimulation – all gone, just like that. Things were bleak until the place came up at Larchfield. From day one she loved it.

‘On Monday and Tuesday she is in the bakery, and on Friday in the craft workshop. She would go more often if she could. I recently broke my hip so I’m more grateful than ever she has all her friends at Larchfield in her life. Every extra place that can be created is needed. There are so few day opportunities, let alone settings as beautiful, lively and safe as Larchfield, for adults with learning disabilities.’ 

Your gift will help welcome someone who would love to join in the vibrant life of our communities, and feel the pride of creating something meaningful for others. 

Making beautiful things

It’s very satisfying to make things with our hands (and see people buying our crafts because they really like them!)

  • Your gifts could help start a new workshop - here are three that could be up and running soon if we had the funds: a Pottery (making good use of a kiln we’ve been donated), a Print and Papermaking workshop and a Wood Craft workshop. 


We excel in making delicious things to eatå. With extra space and resources we could even offer people the chance to work towards a recognised qualification.

  • Helping a community to turn an unused space into a fully-equipped kitchen with a big oven, cooker and food preparation area would open up a wider range of cooking and baking activities for people, year after year.

Gardening and growing

Gardening is good for body and soul – and nothing tastes better than a cup of tea with friends after a good morning’s work.

  • It’s amazing how the cost of basic gardening tools and equipment adds up. But if we’re to welcome more people we’ll need more items, from secateurs to wheelbarrows. 

Finding friends

We all are here for each other, and have room in our hearts for many more friends.

Please help us build up our workshops.


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