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Oak Tree Cottage and Beehive are key to the future of Mark, Gareth, Paul and others at The Croft

‘We’ve already been doing the front garden, keeping it tidy so it looks nice when people walk past.’

Mark, Gareth and Paul are keeping a close eye on cosy Oak Tree Cottage. Every time they go over to tidy up the front garden, they’re looking forward to the day they can call it home. It’s near the heart of The Croft community – a perfect location for three friends who want to be part of The Croft while living as independently as they can. By making some changes and converting the garage, this two-bedroomed house can be made larger to give Mark, Gareth and Paul the home they’ve been waiting for.


'Living at Oak Tree Cottage will help me do more for myself' - Mark

‘For Mark, Oak Tree Cottage represents a step forward on a journey he began at Botton Village.

‘At Botton I learned a lot’, he says. ‘I worked in the houses, the Bakery, the Wood Workshop and the Garden. I liked all my jobs and it was great to be with my friends in Botton.’

But as Mark grew more self-reliant, he was pleased to have the chance to move to The Croft community. ‘Since moving here I have been more independent’, he explains. ‘I’ve been doing quite a lot of my own cooking. Also I go out by myself in town, and I am doing a computer course.

Moving to Oak Tree Cottage, where he’ll still have support but will feel like a man with his own home, ‘will help me’, he says. ‘I haven’t done this before. I’m going to be 50 this year, you know.’ And he would be sharing the house with Gareth and Paul, who are also ready to make this move.

Please will you help cover the cost of turning Oak Tree Cottage into a home for Mark and his friends - and adapting Beehive for older Croft residents?


'I have lived at The Croft community for 39 years - says Virginia. And what full years they have been.

In that time she has been a secretary, a soup-and-bread chef, and a legendary scone baker. She’s been a valued member of many different households – and wherever she’s lived, she’s always loved looking after the cats.

Virginia is 73 now, but continues to enjoy going along to our Art and Craft Workshop once a week for a chat and cup of tea with everyone there, and attending local meetings of the Charles Dickens Society.

It feels right that Virginia, like all our older residents, should have the opportunity to continue to live in the community to which she’s given so much over the years. This is where her friends are. This is her home.

Our plans for Beehive include accessible bathrooms, wheelchair-friendly kitchens and a lift to the upstairs floor, so that people who have made their life-long home at The Croft can keeping living with us for as long as possible.


Your friendship is key to welcoming more people to The Croft, too.

Renovating Oak Tree Cottage and Beehive will free up seven spaces in other houses and flats. That means The Croft could say ‘yes’ to seven people who have been waiting and hoping to join the community. ’ 

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