Give life-changing opportunities, from season to season

Caring for the earth, and growing vegetables, fruit and herbs offers opportunities for personal growth and development. Every season brings wonderful gifts.

Working outdoors can lift our mood and benefit our physical health. And on a social farm, undertaking specific tasks and responsibilities can help us gain skills, build confidence and work towards achieving our goals in life.


Ashley's big goal

  'In the future, I would like to live on my own, 
  with some support', says Ashley. Working on
  Botton social farm is helping me to look after
  things', he explains. And helping to deliver 
  produce within the Botton community has built
  his confidence in going places on his own.

  Ashley now comes to Botton three days a week, 
  from his home in a neighbouring town. 
Here, he's found support to take the steps forward he wants to take. But we need support to give more people this opportunity.

Growing opportunities

  Robin has always loved coming to Ashfield 
  Gardens, a project of our community in
  Stourbridge. Feeding the ponies is a pleasure
  for him and a task he does with great confidence.
  People with a learning and physical disability often
  lack such chances to improve their mental and
  and physical well-being in this way.

If we could make Ashfield Gardens more accessible, more people could come for the day, to benefit from the activities here.

'Help us develop our social farms and gardens'

  'Over many years, kind donations have helped
  sustain and develop farming and gardening
  activities across our communities', says our
  social farm manager, Robin Asquith.

  'Now we're appealing for help to invest in skills
  and facilities, so that we can support more
  people, with a focus on meeting individual needs,
  and helping people to take measurable steps to 
  achieving their personal goals.

‘Our farms and gardens have wonderful gifts to give, and with your help we can unlock these opportunities for more people.’

By helping us develop social farms and gardens, your gift will increase the number of people we can support. Any gift you'd like to give will help and be appreciated. Please donate and give life-changing opportunities, from season to season.



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